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  1. Hi,
    I have a Delux Walkabout in DAD tuning I bought years ago. I need new strings and no idea which ones to buy… Can you tell me what I should get. You also made me a 25 in scale tuned open G. Tenor I think. It’s a bit bigger than the Walkabout. I need string for it to.
    Mark Milam DDS.


  2. Hi Kevin, I hope this message finds you well. I’m wondering if you or anyone who plays the handheld might be up for running some lessons online during this time. I’ve kind of plateaued in my development and would love to go further?

    Many thanks



    1. Steve,
      have you tried alternate tunings and or the use of a capo? GDG and GCG are the two predominate tunings. However GDF will give you the minor G. GCF will open up some other possibilities. And then the capo. Let me know if you have tried these.


  3. Hey Kevin
    My daughter is learning to play the ukulele. Do you make those too? Hope you and your family are healthy? We are all okay here so far.


    1. Rick, we’re all hanging in there. Glad to hear that you’re okay. And yes to the ukulele. I make tenor and baritone ukes. Not the traditional body shape however. They are single bouts like the other instruments that come out of the shop. Email me direct and I’ll send you some photos. Caught some decent swell from tropical storm Marco!!


  4. I am interested in ordering a Bass Walkabout dulcimer standard series 6 string, diatonic fretting, with pick up installed. Please send me information on ordering process, time frame for building it, and what case to include.
    Thank You
    Dave Osteyee


  5. I’m an ancient customer. I own an original Spanish maple. I’m the reason you made shorter neck for the bass, which I also had! Somebody ripped me off for the bass years ago and now I want it replaced, but with electronics on board. How much?


  6. I am a mountain dulcimer player looking to branch out to Irish bouzouki. Could your Safari signature series 8 string be made with Irish bouzouki tuning of GDAD?


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