How to Play


For those of you unfamiliar with dulcimers, here is a brief introductory guide. The diatonic scale as found on the Walkabout Dulcimer™ is fretted in the following steps: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, half, half, half. This fret spacing produces a major scale with the addition of the flattened seventh. Simple melodies can be played by strumming across all of the strings and playing the melody on the two thin ones. Since this fret spacing produces a major scale, “You can’t hit a sour note!”

Chord fingerings are just as simple. The chords for the standard folk, bluegrass or blues turnarounds are all there in simple triad form. The ability to change from one key to another can be achieved in a variety of ways. More complicated melody lines and chord patterns exist, and with a little practice you will begin to see just how easy this instrument is to play. All of this is explained in detail in the owner’s manual and Walkabout Dulcimer™ Songbook.